Licensed GMP Manufacturers
Licensed GMP Manufacturers


Dried Herbs


We recycle plastics, glass, paper, card and metals. The PET bottles we use are 100% recyclable and we use Eco Flo biodegradable loosefill in our parcels, made from starch, an annually renewable resource that is suitable for composting. All of our herb waste is either composted or used to create renewable energy.


Ecological, Social & Economic Factors

Sustainability within the international medicinal and aromatic plant (MAP) industry is far more complex than recycling and carbon offset.

Up to 90% of the UK’s requirement for MAPs is fulfilled by imported plants - the contradiction of herbal medicine, ‘green’ medicine that is not so green.

The subject of sustainability has to encompass ecological, social and economic factors. The plants we use are a valuable natural resource but unfortunately many species are under threat from excessive wild-harvesting.

Climate change is causing plant migration and extreme weather events cause crop failures. Whilst people in remote communities need to earn a fair price for the herbs they farm or wild harvest.


Ethics & Sustainability

We know how important it is to use ethically and sustainably sourced herbs and we do what we can to support this.

For example, purchasing harvests that are Fairwild certified. An innovative programme that considers both ecological and social factors.

Organic cultivation minimises environmental stressors and so we support organic growers wherever possible.